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Tape yourself closed, happy
in a doldurm of apparitions
I live in a love song
plus and minue means nothing to me
you can live a life wanting aboslution
still in love
because all that brings you together
and you are too unalike
i built buildings apons solutions
to problems that were
a jonus
lost for 21 years in the belly of
this joining of head and kind
and the lost of what i was washed upon
wasted upon
my heart
its a kin to a kith
and you are nothing
but i walk three years down a hallway
is my sanctamony in a years worth of work
trying to save, to save me
and too much like a tounge from a serpert
suspected of crimes to horrible
to yourself, respect yourself
find a truth to you reterict
founded in the believes of morals consecrated in sins
Fevered to help, lost too much
i loose no hope
but i lay my head down in helpfull-no
you are only a path to lead me
to illimulate a mirror
only depicted in the anthisis of fairytales
I'll take my bad luck
because this world is too blea
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Our Division
I do not believe in gendar or race.  I believe in ethnicity and sex.  
Ethnicity and sex are ascribed statuses that we cannot break out of.  
I was born with an sex chromosome of XY and with brown eyes and an olive skin complextion due to
years of adaptation of my ancestors living mostly of the Mediteranian region of Europe.  
THAT IS ALL.  Race and Gendar are statuses that I DO NOT believe I fit into and are only socially created to
create division and conflict amoung all of humanity.  The mear fact is that we all look differently.  
But what is that in difference to the fact that I may like Red wine and you like Vodka?  What is that to the
difference that I hate feet and you may love them.  
There is non.  Why does difference have to be a divion down to our ascribed statuses of society?  
Why is it there?  Why are we blinded by conflict created
by difference that dr
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Revision is pornographic
Its only when the sun shines that we live in our shadows
in a pitch perfect sonnet created by the twinning willows
those that lived in and out of old folk-lore
I live in astetics
praise ethics
and too far from spirituality
that shoes for walking traverse across water
and i don't know how
from a finite to an infinite
my objectivity was in contempt
in comptemp
of perjury
I dive into a well of sand and grass
where absertity is a far off reach corner of prostitues
and saints
where is the difference of attackers and victims
when we cannot exploit our hearts for our lives
I live in the exploitation of myself
and will run my crimson dry
for living out a car crash senerio in a fog lite night
is as contemporary as two cigarettes flickering out in a jazz night
blue moon..
bluis de bois
revolutions are made in the secrets that are falling around you now
and you cannot retake your concesisness
objectivity of my mind is on death row
and i need a hand to hold durning the execution
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Lord, its an epitome of madness
when red skies blend into the darkness of your skin
And I sit and wonder in its entireity
the effects my self worth has on your universe
But clinging on
the moon releases your sail boat
and I fall back and try to see
its only a back drift of affection
but not enough attention
to the forward motion that keeps us
in a dance of sun and moon
Black is to blue
the hidden agendas of beauty
smoldered out by the ugliness
of where you walk each day
Your too good
And she can bring down that glass moon
and show your face in the snow blanketing the night sky
And in on collision
she takes your life
I know where the sky maker lives
And I have seen the dawn released onto tomorrow
Drowning in the breaking of this beach
I wonder
who gave
who is me?
Black is to blue
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Stranded in Song 14
i trip over my own skewed plans and intentions
and I want that room above that pained hallway
the one that's been faded from a summers highday
to a misty autome evening
on the verge of winter's solace
I love that color that schemes from the me and you
We could build this language of failures
and write the most beautiful song to write
I want to be the words that vibrate
you are the strings that build that
I love that changing white frequency that is only heard by you and me
I drive back to the state line
but crossing into Virginia has never been easy
like the time in the white dress
you fell two steps
and I caught you by the hair
Its when we sat down and I looked through to you
and I went down
It's never been easy to say
all winter nights when we tried to escape
the consequences of actions we never did take
Our own was a triumph for examples of mistakes
I love that consistant smile, when you said it will be ok
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Like its a videntious affair
when this lunar love accident went to afair
back and forth in constant rythmatic fashion that I forsaw my execution
in the backs of a speak easy
or was it sanctuary
the devil came down to Moscow and found me in trenches
trying to teach me some way of communism
but angels I thought to appear
only you were by my side
only you remaind in stride
in step
in numbers
in logic
logic and numbers and too city street lights
but not a clock to be found
its a way to keep awake
before our faith is found
too much
in pajamas I dressed my similes and put on a suit made of personification
juxsaposed was my intentions
when I live in the doorway of too regrets
like a glove appartitons make too much as a shilowheat
its all in pyscotic neoris prose
im at best when asleep
when you see a transparent me
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title in description
to wish and let alone
these days all away
when choices have made me
into something I wish not to be
I want to get back to those days
when I felt Copeland singing my lines
but now each encounter
makes me another
I've wished for this
and now I don't know the consequences
maybe I was made for a reason
or maybe this is who I am
maybe change is this only constant
maybe I say too much
I'm not wise beyond my years
I'm not a sleave for wipping tears
my name was the continuation of my father's wishes
and my birth brings me here
I'll say it once and I mean it again
I'm never a saint
I'm never that person too good
please see beyone that
find out about that
don't lease out myself
I want something better
I want you to be better
but this routine is the surgeon's steel
and my heroine was burned out
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Look at description for title
Sanctify this my god my unholy psycosis
and give it back with an oh yeah im doing fine
in a trance i live walking the dead in the daylight
to live in warped reason, no logic can describe
this realing sence of beautification, but nothing can be denyed
that my own skin is a banket of truth
to hide away all my lies
but living in reason, forget logic
and keep this head on straight
mix a soup of a prozac and zanyac
to release the drug of serationin
keep our lives out in the open and find archtypes to fit our dreams
where we can stay in an Americana sleep
while walking this concrete
too many steps to walk back on
to find something with a start
but I know I've heard before
Someonewhere out there is a thrill I swear
but thats the mailman talking
mom wears an inca mask
waiting for the December dealine
when white encaspulates the downtown
our footprints will blow away
but I've heard from a man with no voice
that all truth is obtainable
were smashing bits of neutrons and electrons
were so scienti
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Attack my back
but you have yours
in the land of aboundance
keep moving, don't stop
in the land of aboundance
preparation to keep you euphoric
in a numb state of paranoia
the news, the tape, the...wait
a false representation
where the mind is totalitarian
they tell me to listen to the colors
in a land of aboundance
the people, all mirrors
when two elephant trunks parked
on a day of reversal
was turned into a mark
when the the downtown water pump market
was turned to war
Wasn't always more?
They tell me to keep moving don't slow down
watch my back
in a land of aboundance
so we turn back the colors and found no reasons
when keeping the air full of chemicals
and our blood runs of cyanide
was beating down to a genocide
when we don't look for colors
in a land of aboundance
when a plasma screen
is a mile island plus three
now we can't stop
curiosity to kill the masses
but my traits are self evident
when I state that he is not president
but what does that m
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This coming Sunday
It's alone I sit
In the shadows of a revolutionary
putting head into heart and bring out a soul is nothing for poor folks
but we do
It's all around us
gravity pulls against us
society conforms for us
but we
take no as a no
We are the revolutions
bring out your hatred and white crosses
and we give back love and no losses
it's time to sit back and
sit back
action is what we are to do
but we act in haste
If this father of culture is a bastard
than I am a thousand dollar pin stripped costume
consumed in grief
but find light in decay
but if the offspring is legitimate
than i run naked!
through grasses the heighest of mountains cannot compete
but nothing sacred is longing
nothing thrilling completes
their's a time when my voice has to be silent
and for my mind to electricute
its back to basics
its past the drugs
its not the alcohol
its only us
and if I fail
than i can be confident
that the destination I always looked for
was in each walking step
where I always want to be I cann
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What is decpetive, tells more
This is the fire in which your phonenix took flight
This is the burning embers off our fathers wars and our mothers tears
Your tears match the sweat that falls from my brow
The've fallen on my tounge and taste like the sweetest manna
Your head and heart store the memory of every souless fool that walks these darken streets
The sky is red, not a star gives light
The moon has turned its back on this world forever
Honesty and Love, its only a shadow of a memory now
this place is not my own
these flakes find there way down
as the clouds fill out the blue that we will never see again
please burn this tree to the ground
please run these people out of town
this place is not my own
this place is not my own
this lie is over
this lie is over
I dis-obey the queen of this hive
I dis-obey you, i believe in I
I so far from what i know
I so close to what I forgot
my memories have been stolen
my mind has been misplaced
and my heart is the key to the mystery
of what surrounds this ugly place
Don't wond
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